Must Haves for Mama

I was going to update my previous post but when I went back to look at it… I realized now that I’ve been a mom for a little longer, and I need to completely start over.

I’m by no means an expert at momming, but I’ve learned some things along the way! This post is going to cover all things mama. Pregnancy and postpartum.

There are a lot of categories for “must haves” and it’s important to remember that this is what I’ve learned on my journey. I’m sharing in hopes that it will help another mom or to create conversation. If there is something you found helpful- share, share, share! I don’t want us to lose sight of the fact that Lukewarm Coffee is a community and I want us to chat about what worked for all of us- through our different journeys!

As an Amazon Affiliate I my earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Click the image to be linked to the item!

Let’s start with my pregnancy life savers.

A pregnancy pillow! As soon as it arrived I was immediately wondering wondering where it had been my entire life. I don’t know why these are only marketed for pregnant women. This pillow has gotten a lot of use. It was used through the end of my pregnancy, into life with a newborn for propping myself up while nursing and snuggling and napping. Now it is used into toddlerhood and my 19 month old likes to use it on the couch or in her crib for snuggling and snoozing. Well worth it. I have this one in mint green and it’s dreamy.

Prenatals you love. For me, this ended up being these Vitafusion gummies. They were lemonade and raspberry flavor and a great mixture of tart and sweet. They didn’t upset my stomach if I took them without food.

Palmer’s Stretch Mark Lotion. Not the shea butter one in the jar, the one with the pump bottle. This is still my favorite lotion. I like the one in the jar, too. I stocked up on both. I still use this lotion now. It’s not greasy but is thick enough for dry hands, and I loved the extra tummy time with baby when she was still in my belly. She likes having her back rubbed outside the womb, so maybe we created our own monster with that one, haha! This gift pack has each option so you can decide which you like!

GOOD Pregnancy Leggings. Another thing I don’t know why are only marketed to pregnant women. The Motherhood leggings were my JAM. I wore them through my entire pregnancy, through c section recovery and into postpartum life. These keep you comfy supported, not suffocated. Which was key for my c section recovery. I wanted support, but not binding. When nursing in public, they come up high enough that you don’t need any fancy shirt tricks if you want to keep it a little more covered up.

Okay, now let’s talk about postpartum. I’ll have a separate post on what to pack in your hospital bag- so stay tuned! This is for postpartum life at home.

I found what I thought was a super helpful checklist on Pinterest. Printed it, and whew, was it extensive.

The first few months home- I lived in nursing bras and camisoles. This is why they tell you not to stop by a new mom’s house unannounced. I was basically naked all the time.

I had the peri bottle they gave me in the hospital. But with c section recovery- I would have loved the upside down peri bottle.

Pads. Lots of pads or adult diapers. I didn’t bleed heavily enough to need the Depends, but most moms I’ve talked to that didn’t like the mesh undies from the hospital SWEAR by the Depends. Find what works for you!

A HUGE water bottle. Until about a month ago, I was still using my big plastic cup from the hospital when H was born. It finally started leaking and I ordered a HydroJug. It holds a half gallon of water and I love it.

Planned meals. Some friends of ours set up a Meal Train for us and this was the best gift we received! Whether you prep and freeze meals yourself, or have a Meal Train set up, or subscribe to a meal service- this is a LIFE SAVER! After our Meal Train, we subscribed to Hello Fresh and it was so incredible. Not having to worry about planning meals, having them dropped off or delivered was a huge weight lifted.

It’s easy to get sucked into the glow of a snuggly newborn, but it’s very important to remember that mama needs to be cared for just as much as baby. I also stocked up on some “fancy” stuff for myself that I usually wouldn’t treat myself to. In the months before H was born, I got false lashes because I wanted to feel pretty without having to fuss with makeup. I eventually decided I didn’t want them, but for the months leading up to birth, labor AND the newborn stage, it was nice to feel pretty without having to do a thing to my face.

I also stocked up on all my favorite yummy snacks, treated myself to cravings, bought fancy coffee after 9 months of drinking half caf LOL, my mom got me new body wash and because showering was such a task… it felt nice to have some new goodies for me.

If you need a new coffee, highly recommend Coffee Over Cardio! I recently found them and am hooked. The coffee has limited ingredients so you’re not adding in a bunch of extra sugar while still getting that yummy flavor. Use my link or my code (10LUKEWARM) to get 10% off your order!

As always, if you have additions or your own take- jump into the comments! My favorite part of this community is how much our experiences vary!


Lukewarm Coffee Mom

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