Enough is Enough

Life is constantly changing in one way or another right now. It seems our girl is learning new things, and getting into new things, every day. The guidance on how to stay safe during this pandemic is also changing week to week- if not by the day. Most days, I feel like I can barely keep up.

The only thing that has stayed the same… is that we watch Moana at least once a day, ha. #FeelingLikeHeiHei

Lately, I find myself asking if I’m doing enough. Even this post… I’ve had it written for a few days, but between teething, nonstop nursing and being a completely stage 5 clinger, I have not had a chance to get it up. Sure, I could have squeezed it in somewhere. I love you all, but the past couple days I have prioritized my sanity and my caffeine intake over this post. #NotSorry

I think under normal circumstances, this is something that most people wonder. I know that as a chronic over thinker, it’s something I’ve asked myself for years. As a partner, as an employee, as a friend, as a daughter and now, as a mom- I’m always wondering if I’m doing everything I should be.

Now that we’re all living in a much smaller world than most of us are used to, in a society with a heightened level of visibility on social media and in a culture that glorifies busy… I’m constantly comparing myself to other moms.

Are we spending enough time outside? Are we getting enough healthy foods? Are we trying enough foods? Are we nursing enough? Am I making enough milk? Am I pumping enough? Am I using enough sunscreen? Are we reading enough? Are these activities educational enough? Is she learning enough? Do we have enough diapers? Is she independent enough?

Am I being a good enough partner? Am I considering the needs of others enough? Am I sleeping enough? Am I drinking enough water? Am I watering my plants enough? Am I being careful enough when I go to the grocery store? Am I being too careful? Am I educated enough about current events? Do we have enough groceries for a couple weeks?

Are we checking in with our parents enough? Calling and video chatting enough? Am I checking in with friends enough? Am I working enough? Am I checking in enough? Is the work I’m doing from home enough? Am I blogging enough?

I know that part of this is that I am by nature an over-thinker. I know that, yes, I am doing enough. But it does not stop me from staying up at night wondering if there is more, or different, that I could, or should be doing.

When we’ve been at home for weeks, scrolling our social media feeds, seeing everyone’s highlight reel complete with filters, perfect angles and photo shop… it is so hard to believe that whatever we’re doing really, truly is enough.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the doubt! You’re killing it. None of us imagined when we became moms that we would have to go through this.

That we would have to be moms, teachers, daughters, partners, employees- all at once, while inside the 4 walls of our home for an extended period of time. I know it’s normal to wonder if we’re doing enough, but as much as we wonder, we should also reassure ourselves (and each other!) that yes, yes we absolutely are doing enough.

In fact, we’re often doing more than enough. Don’t forget it. On the days when you’re wondering, give yourself grace, kindness and love. You deserve it. Every ounce.


Lukewarm Coffee Mom

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