Sara’s Story

Hi! My name is Sara. I will be 30 years old in October and work as the Sales Assistant at iHeart Media.  I have a 2 year old boy named Jaxson who will be turning the big 3 in October #Libras.  

Early on in my pregnancy my Doctor noticed me having a single umbilical artery, which is basically a 2 vessel umbilical cord.  I was monitored though out my whole pregnancy with doctors visits and ultrasounds to make sure Jaxson was growing.

I did not have a birth plan in place because I am a “just go with whatever” kind of person. If I needed to have a c-section, I was okay with having one. I was scheduled for an induction on October 6, 2016 because of my single umbilical artery.

I ended up just needing saline balloons because I was already 2 cm dilated when I went in for induction.  Once the saline balloons were in, my contractions started to come.  I don’t remember exactly how far apart they were, but when they came, boy were they uncomfortable!

Once I was at 5 cm dilated I told our nurse that I wanted to get the epidural.  To this day I can still feel the pressure of the epidural. It was not fun, but definitely worth it.  

Once the epidural set in, I was able to rest for a little bit.  I think I fell asleep and woke up around 2-2:30 am-ish with labor pains.  I called the nurse to check to see what was going on down there. 

I was 9cm dilated and my water had broke.  They called the doctor in and prepped me to start pushing!

On October 7, 2016 at 4:30 am we met our little baby boy!  He weighed 8.5 pounds and was 21 inches long. 

Photo Courtesy of Sara

I did end up ripping, which is probably the only thing that I would have wanted to be different.  I do feel like the nurses made me push way too early.  

My favorite moment about my whole birthing experience had nothing to do with giving birth. It was when we brought him home on a crisp fall day, we had the windows open, fresh air blowing through the house. Jax was sleeping in the living room and everything was so peaceful. We were parents.

Photo Courtesy of Sara

I do have to say, the one thing I was not prepared for was the month/month and a half after I gave birth.  No one told me that you will bleed massive clots of blood for a month afterwards.  No one told me that it will feel like your insides will fall out if you stand for more than 5 minutes.  No one told me that my nipples would bleed and I would dread feeding my son for the first week of breast feeding.  No one told me that I would have to wear pads for a month straight or not be ale to shower or have alone time.

I do wish instead of me sitting through 6 hours of what “could” happen during pregnancy, I wish I sat through 6 hours of someone preparing me for the months after giving birth.

Photo Courtesy of Sara

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