Lil’ Vermonters Consignment Haul

Vermont mamas, if you haven’t heard of this sale… you’re missing out!

You know I’m a big fan of hand-me-downs and saving money. This sale will help you do both.

They have clothes (newborn to youth sizes!), maternity clothes, toys, baby gear, games, baby furniture, diaper bags, books, shoes, bottles, carriers… if you can think of it… you will probably find it at the sale!

I went when I was pregnant to stock up on stuff I still needed before Harper was born. I organized the clothes we already had for her, to see what sizes we still needed. I made a list of other things I wanted to find while I was there, and was able to find almost everything on my list!

Last year, I got a like new Original Ergo for $30. I also got an organic Moby wrap for $8. In total I spent $70 and was able to get both carriers I was looking for and the rest I spent on filling holes in her wardrobe.

This year my list was zip-up jammies in her current size and the next couple sizes up, hats, warmer layers and age appropriate toys. I was not disappointed!

I got 10 zip-up jammies, 2 onesies, 3 shirts, 3 pants, 5 hats, 3 Soothie pacifiers, an Infantino stacking toy, and a llama toy. It cost me…. $42.33. That’s it.

The best advice I got from a fellow mama, is to spend the $7.42 on an Early Bird Ticket. The sale runs for 2 days, a Friday and a Saturday. Saturday admission is free, but a ticket gets you a time slot on Friday night to shop the sale before it is open to the public.

If you have things to sell, you can sign up to be a consignor! As a consignor you will get access to the Early Bird sale and you’ll make some money. I haven’t consigned yet, but I intend to in the future. I also overheard moms talking last year, about consigning, and they said that it pays off if you’re going to participate in the sale each year, to get a tagging gun instead of using safety pins on each clothing item. (they’re cheap on Amazon!)


-Bring your own bag or reusable tote for your haul. Some moms bring wagons or strollers to stash their finds in.

-Have a list and be prepared. There are usually 25,000+ items and a lot of moms on a mission! It’s best to have a game plan and look for the items you need first. It’s definitely a little overwhelming.

-Be prepared for a wait and lines.

-If you think you want something, grab it. There are tables for you to sort through your haul before checkout if you change your mind about something. It’s better to grab it and put it back, than have someone else grab something you want!

-Set a limit for yourself. Know what you’re willing to pay for certain items. Prices vary based on consignor.

For more information check out their website and make sure to sign up for email updates! They don’t bombard you with emails, and they remind you when sales are coming up, so you won’t miss out!

Also, follow them on Facebook because in the days leading up to the sale they have a couple giveaways for Early Bird Sale tickets!

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