Car Kit Supplies

I’m that mom that has all.the.things. My car kit is my backup diaper bag.

If I forget my diaper bag at home (which I’ve done!) I have basically everything I, or any other mom, could need in my car. It’s also where I stash things that I like to have on the go, but don’t want to lug around.

Even when I have my diaper bag, having a spare of everything comes in handy if another mom is in need. Don’t worry, I gotchu!

And I’ll be totally honest here, I have a lot of anxiety. Being (over) prepared for as much as I can, helps ease some of that anxiety for me. This is something I’ve always done, and it helps me feel less anxious about life in general.

First, I started with a container I liked for my car. I chose a bin from our local dollar store for me, and a larger bin with a lid for my husbands car. Yes, he has one, too.

Extra Clothes for Mom & Dad

I have extra shirts for each of us and an extra pair of leggings for me. I buy a pack of solid tees, and rotate through them.

Extra Clothes for Baby

This is where I keep more than an extra onesie. I have a few warmer layers, a hat and some booties. That way if the weather changes, or we just have a blowout, we’re prepared! These are my favorites:

Baby Sweatshirt

Fleece Baby Hat & Mittens

Fleece Baby Booties

Hand Wipes

We love the Wet Ones wipes for just about everything! I also keep hand sanitizer in there, too. Of course, you can use baby wipes for most any mess, but I like having the extra sanitizing ones, too.

Diapers & Wipes

A lot of them. Just in case. Wipes can be used for all kinds of things, too. Makeup remover, cleaning shoes, forgot to put deodorant on (LOL). It’s important to make sure you’re updating the diapers as baby grows through them.


Make sure these snacks are of the non melting variety. Helpful for the non-children in our lives that also sometimes get #hangry. Yes, husband, here’s lookin’ at you!

Mom Bag

Hair ties, lotion, chapstick, small nail kit, travel size dry shampoo. Basically a hangover kit, but for the daily hangover we experience from #mommin.

Boob Bag

Anything for nursing or pumping. For me, this is boob pads, nipple cream, hand pump, storage bags and a bottle. If I’m going to bring my Medela pump, that’s a separate bag- complete with storage bottles, a small cooler and ice pack. Not to mention the cord to plug that bad boy in and the tubes, flanges, etc.


I keep a lightweight swaddle blanket and a thicker blanket in the car. I use the thicker blanket for chilly weather or to throw on the ground for outdoor playtime.

Changing pad

I like the SkipHop portable changing pad. It has pockets for diapers and wipes and straps for the stroller. Awesome to have for travel. If you’re going for a walk and don’t want to bring the diaper bag, this is the perfect size for a few diapers and wipes.

Plastic Bags

I like to have some ziplock bags and grocery bags. Because we all have that bag of bags at home, might as well put some to use! These are for whatever mess happens. We can’t prevent the messes, but we can clean ‘em up and contain ‘em!

Pacifier & Toys

To keep baby happy and entertained if we lose or forget something at home. These are some of our current favorites:

Sassy Ring O Links (We love playing with these on their own, or using them to attach other toys to things so they won’t fall on the floor.)

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes (This is one of the least annoying light up musical toys we’ve purchased. It has two volume levels, and one big button, easy for baby to entertain herself.)

Baby Einstein Contrast Book (The high contrast and crinkle pages are baby’s favorite. Mom loves the clip that attaches so we don’t lose the toy.)

First Aid Kit

This travel kit is good for adults and babies.

Having all of this stuff also takes care of my need to take care of other people. I like being able to offer these items to other moms, because we all forget things. Even though on the outside, it might look like I have my sh*t together… I promise you, I don’t.

Just because I pack my car to the brim, I promise I don’t have it all together. Because sometimes, the extra onesies are too small and don’t button. Or the wipes got left open and they’re dried out. Or the diapers are the wrong size. We can do our best to try to prepare, but we will all have our days.

This is why we have each other, moms. We can try to be prepared to ease our anxiety or to try to be the mom with her sh*t together, but there will be a time where we need each other. There will be a day where nothing goes right, and that is when we might need an extra diaper, a hair tie or a clean shirt.

On those days where neither of us has it together… hey, at least I’ve probably got snacks!

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