Hatch Baby Rest- Game Changer!

Moms, if there is one item that has helped me the most, it’s this. The Hatch Baby Rest night light and sound machine. It’s a complete game changer.

The first few weeks home were definitely the hardest for me. Especially nights.

Our first night home was full of cluster feeding, lots of diaper changes and barely any sleep. Our pets were begging for my attention. My anxiety was in full swing and so were my hormones.

I spent the hours from 11 pm to 4 am breastfeeding every 30 minutes. In between nursing I cried. There was no sneaking in a few minutes of sleep. I was beyond overwhelmed.

My baby and I were both learning how to breastfeed. I was still recovering from my c-section. My phone alarm was ringing every 3 hours through the night and day to remind me to take pain medications. It hurt to sit up, roll over, get out of bed. My nipples hurt. My boobs were leaking. My baby was crying.

Every time I needed to nurse, I had to turn the light next to my bed on, or manually turn a salt lamp on and then off again. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But when it hurts to move and your baby is crying and you’re trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and you’re exhausted- it is a big deal!

Eventually, she stopped nursing every 2-3 hours and I healed enough to make getting in and out of bed easier. She started getting better at nursing, and so did I. Eventually, we switched to a regular night light that we could leave on all night.

That type of light was too bright. It was keeping her awake and alert. We tried blocking the light, covering it, etc. Nothing worked.

No light simply wasn’t an option. Even now at 9 weeks, I still have to actively latch her in the middle of the night.

Enter late night internet searching for a solution!

I don’t even remember what rabbit hole search led me to the Hatch Baby Rest. But I am eternally grateful.

This is hands down the best baby purchase I have made. I was so excited when it arrived that tears streamed down my face. Not even kidding.

Where to even start?

My favorite feature is the app that can be controlled from your phone. You can set the color, sound, turn on and off, timer, all of it… right from your phone.

So when baby falls asleep or needs to nurse and you need to act fast? Turn the light off, dim it, adjust the sound volume- without waking the baby. I’ve mastered the art of latching her with one hand and adjusting the brightness with the other.

I also love that my husband has the app on his phone, too. So if I’m trapped under a sleeping baby with no phone in reach, he can also control the unit if he’s within a 30 foot radius.

For me, the light and remote access was what I needed. The sound machine and wait to wake features are all just a bonus!

Noise has always helped me sleep, so I’m no stranger to sound machines and apps and the like. This is the most relaxing one I’ve found. A lot of the preset sounds can sound computerized and distracting. These are so relaxing and natural.

We haven’t used the wait to wake function, but I’m looking forward to being able to once our girl is older.

You can also set favorites which is really cool. We have a nighttime setting and a nap setting. You can customize the color of the light, set a timer, change the sounds, etc.

It also has a touch ring on the top which is great for quickly searching through the preset options or turning the unit on or off quickly by tapping the ring.

We haven’t traveled overnight with our girl, but this is small and easy enough to move that it will definitely come with us wherever we go! (We’re traveling for a wedding later this month and I’ll update!)

Want your own Hatch Baby Rest? Click the link to order! You won’t regret it.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

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