New Mama Must Haves

This space is going to be a place to connect us and share. As an only child of an only child, I was really doing this motherhood thing blind. 

As far as baby gear goes, I relied heavily on the support (and hand-me-downs!!!) of my mom friends. I’m going to share with you what they shared with me. I’ll also share what I learned through trial and error… aka The Hard Way. 

As a newbie to c-section recovery and breastfeeding, these are my essentials! You can click the images to purchase my favorites. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.

Nursing Bras:

I was actually really stubborn about this one. My plan was to breastfeed, but I figured I was just going to “make do” with my regular clothes and comfy bras. Boy, was I wrong. For moms that aren’t breastfeeding, these bras also make for quick, easy access for more skin-to-skin time. Plus, they’re just super comfy!

Reusable Breast Pads:

I got these early on because I started leaking halfway through the second trimester. The reusable ones are the way to go. They’re soft and comfortable. I use a mesh laundry bag to wash and dry and keep them all together. Bonus: they make really great coasters for cold beverages in warm weather and they can function as a tiny burp cloth in a pinch!

Comfy Underwear

Again, I fought this. I bought a pack of big cotton granny panties “just in case” I would need them. I truly did not understand the size of the pad they give you in the hospital, first of all. Or that you would still need a pad, with a c-section. Second of all, I didn’t plan on having a c-section and there was no way that I wanted a waistband of any kind near my incision for the first handful of weeks.


This is going to be different for every babe. Wubbanub is the preferred pacifier of our girl. Specifically the llama, which we lovingly call her “No Drama Llama.” We didn’t commit to a type of pacifier, instead we bought an assortment or received them as freebies. Once we settled on what worked for us, I’ve gifted the other brands and types to moms that are using them.

Diaper Genie

My mom tribe was split on this. I had moms that swore by it, and others that said it was a total waste. We put it on our registry and it was gifted to us. It is probably, hands down, one of my favorite items. It gets rid of the smell, and keeps all our pets out of dirty diapers. It’s easy to refill and easy to empty. Which is a key feature, given the amount of sleep moms are running on, amiright?!

Backpack Diaper Bag

Everything you need, hands free! Perfection. It was also essential for recovering from a c-section. Once I was cleared to drive, my doctor highly recommended having a backpack diaper bag. She said having the weight of the diaper bag centered across my shoulders would be better for recovery. This bag is super durable and has way more pockets than I expected!

Zippered Jammies

You know what I’m talking about… those long sleeved jammies we need for our babies. If you can, get the ones with zippers! We got a lot of hand-me-downs (see below) and had a lot of different types of clothes. The zippers are undoubtedly the easiest for middle of the night diaper changes. I had to order these in newborn size once we got home because we didn’t expect our girl to be a peanut and these are my favorite of all the jammies we have.


Whether they are from moms you know or second hand stores- stock up! Through a friend I found a mom that was selling baby girl clothes. For $20 I got more clothes than I could have ever needed. I had enough that I was able to pass clothes on to other moms that were in need. We also have a local thrift store that has been a huge wallet-saver. Anytime I need anything in a certain size, I check there first. With how fast our babes grow, there’s no sense in spending $20 on an outfit they might fit into for a couple weeks. This is also where I got a brand new baby tub for $6 and a dozen milk storage bottles for $3. Talk about a win!

Let me know in the comments what your must haves are!

2 thoughts on “New Mama Must Haves”

  1. These tips are great!

    As a mom who couldn’t master the swaddle we found the Velcro swaddles were a LIFE SAVER. We found them right at Walmart but the local thrift store also had a bunch!

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